Place Points
Half Moon Bay High School 1st 154

The Half Moon Bay Girls Wrestling Team won their 2nd straight Peninsula Athletic League Title last night. 150 lbs Daniela Corona won her 4th straight crown. Lucy Sarabia dominated and pinned her opponent for her second straight PAL crown. 4-Freshmen became League Champions last night, 108 lbs Richi Campbell, 123 lbs Taylor Micallef, 128 lbs Leonor Sarabia and 152 lbs Phoebe Grabowski. The 7th and 8th CHAMPION from last night were a couple of Juniors-139 lbs Esmeralda Mendez and Elisa Mendez. Final Team placers below:
103 lbs Yessenia Covarrubias 3rd place and Carmen Ramirez 4th place
108 lbs Richi Campbell CHAMPION
113 lbs Lucy Sarabia CHAMPION
118 lbs Llisel Badajos 2nd place and Elizabeth Mendez-Cortez 4th place
123 lbs Taylor Micallef CHAMPION and Nayeli Acosta 3rd place
128 lbs Leonor Sarabia CHAMPION and Sandra Sanchez 2nd place
133 lbs Yulissa Ramirez 4th place
139 lbs Esmeralda Mendez CHAMPION and Elisabeth Wallace 2nd place
143 lbs Daniela Corona CHAMPION and Jacqueline Miguel-Dolores 3rd place
152 lbs Phoebe Grabowski CHAMPION
162 lbs Elisa Mendez CHAMPION
189 lbs Maria Cuevas 2nd place and Socorro Aguilar 3rd place
235 lbs Nataly Gijon 3rd place